"Ordering meals has been a lifesaver.
I have trouble buying and preparing food."

How can I help?

Whether you’re a Business looking to help out in your community or an Individual looking to donate your time – you can be a part of Meals on Wheels.

How can your Business
Support Us?

Donate Online!

Fundraising Events

  • Coordinate an in-office Campaign of your own! We have ideas, just give us a call!
  • Partner or Sponsor one of our events
  • Donate merchandise, gift certificates, or talents to our events
  • Purchase tickets or participate in an event 

Create a corporate delivery team

  • Commit to once a week delivery to clients over the lunch hour

Choose us as a Charitable Beneficiary

  • Create a Staff Golf Tournament, or Casual Day for your employees
  • Social events

How can an Individual
Support Us?

Donate Online!

Fundraising Events

Other ways to give
  • Leave a Legacy in your will or estate
  • Become a monthly donor
  • Make a memorial or tribute donation
We accept VISA, Master Card, cash or cheques.

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