"The food is good for you and tastes great. Plus, no dishes, no traveling and no tipping!"

Annual Reports

President and Executive Director Report

Staff have been the key to the organization’s success in exceeding our goals in the areas of Meal and Transportation services. Every aspect of operations shone as the organization diligently put the clients we serve, and the needs of our community at the centre of the daily activities at Meals on Wheels London. Dedicated volunteers continued to be the hands, smiles and caring face-to-face connection to our clients.

Meal and Transportation Services remain top priority resulting in:

  • 122,239 meals being delivered
  • 9,916 one way drives provided
  • New Meals on Wheels Van
  • New Executive Director
  • New 3-year Strategic Plan 

The Board is eager to engage with the staff and volunteers on the established strategic priorities, and is excited to see how the pursuit of these goals will impact the services to our community.

This year’s Annual Report is about appreciating the history and consistency of our organization in exceeding our service delivery goals, while embracing the future potential of our organization to meet the increasing demands for service.

Thank you to all those who partner with us in various ways to help build, expand and ensure our effectiveness in our community!


Sarah Campbell, Executive Director

Kevin Barry, President of the Board

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