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Fundraising Action Committee

Meals on Wheels London - Fundraising Action Committee 

Fundraising is an important role at Meals on Wheels London, raising vital funds to fulfill our mission in helping provide nutrition and transportation services to seniors and disabled adults. 
We are seeking hard working and skilled volunteers to join and form our newly established Fundraising Action Committee. 


  • At least 6 volunteer members to a maximum of 10. 

  • Committee Chair and Vice-Chair (appointed into position by Executive Director). 

  • Fund Development staff, and Executive Director (required members). 

Time Commitment 

  • Meet monthly, and more as needed leading up to fundraising campaigns. 

  • Volunteer approximately 8-12 hours a month (may increase, or decrease as needed). 

  • Required commitment is one year, with no maximum. 

The person(s) we are seeking to fill these positions should have the following skills and experience:  

  • Familiar with fundraising principles. 

  • Hands-on experience with fundraising events and campaigns. 

  • Comfortable making cold-calls to potential and existing supporters at all levels. 

  • Able to identify potential prospects for major gifts, planned giving and other potential donations. 

  • Successful experience in securing corporate sponsorship.  

  • Knowledge of social media techniques and marketing. 

  • Able to compose a press release and other marketing materials. 

  • Excellent communication skills, ability to network, build and maintain successful relationships with supporters. 

  • Proven ability to manage a Fundraising Team. 

Valuable assets of candidate(s) include the following:  

  • Candidate has a personal connection to support and promote our mission statement. 

  • Candidate has had formal training in marketing/communications/fundraising. 

  • Candidate has contacts with corporations and philanthropists. 

Primary Responsibilities  

  • Attend monthly meetings. 

  • Plan and implement fundraising campaigns and events. 

  • Support event marketing, promotions and ticket sales. 

  • Solicit in-kind donations, sponsorships and auction items. 

  • Assist with recruiting volunteers for each event. 

  • Work with staff to identify prospects and relationships. 

  • Work as an event volunteer the day of and contribute to the event's overall success. 

  • Provide feedback and evaluation at the end of events. 


If you are interested in joining the Fundraising Action Committee, please submit your cover letter and resume to Vanessa Cullen at vcullen [at] meals-on-wheels [dot] ca.

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