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New Meal Supplier

Meals on Wheels London is pleased to announce the awarding of our daily fresh meal contract to Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU).


For the past 30 years YOU has helped lead youth in London and Middlesex toward success. YOU provides youth with the training, skills, support and referrals they need to develop their potential and lead positive lives. YOU has owned and operated a food production social enterprise since 2004. This social enterprise, Market Quality Preserves, is a line of gourmet quality jams, sauces, relishes & chutneys created from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Meals on Wheels London’s fresh meals will be made at the YOU Made It Café which opened for business in January of this year and features dine-in or take-out breakfast and lunch, as well as catering services. The YOU Made It Café is located in the newly renovated heritage building, The Cornerstone. It is at the corner of Richmond and York Streets. The kitchen facility has been designed to handle the production requirements for serving between 300-500 customers daily. The café is managed by a certified Red Seal Chef who designs all menu items and is responsible for meal creation.


As YOU’s Executive Director Steve Cordes stated, “We believe our proposal uniquely forms a circle of community support and innovation by having two not-for-profits in social service sectors meet very  significant and increasing needs within our community. “


The next few months will see a whirlwind of activity as everything comes to together for the YOU Made It Café to assume production of our daily fresh meals. Start date is Monday, August 13th.

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