"I feel like I’m riding in a limo every time I use the transportation program. The volunteers and staff are so friendly."

Program Price Increase

Meals on Wheels London will be increasing prices for all programs effective April 1, 2016

Program Rates effective April 1, 2016

Daily Meal Service
 -$7.75 per meal

 Frozen Meals
 -7 Entrees- $39.00
 -7 Soups- $15.00
 -7 Desserts- $15.00

 -$18.00 flat rate one way or return
Parking not included in this rate

  • Clients are billed monthly for all services.
  • Financial Assistance may be available for all programs. Subsidized charges and qualifying levels are increasing for all programs. Proof of income is required.  Please call 519-660-1430

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